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  • Measurement data acquisition system

Measurement data acquisition system

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Measurement data acquisition system eWebTEL

A system designed to monitor the gas network and handle billing.It facilitates the management of the gas network.

It is adjusted to the management of parameters such as flow and pressure limits or settings of data transmission schedules.

Cost optimization and data analysis.

The eWebtel system is a metering data acquisition application that operates on both the Internet and a dedicated private network. eWebtel is designed to handle billing, monitor network parameters, and evaluate the selection of metering devices.

The system enables graphical presentation of received data, which are presented in the form of functional graphs, tables and text-graphical reports.

The system enables the creation of measurement points and groups for balancing the gas network operation thanks to the possibility of monitoring the network parameters.

Function of creating zones for balancing the network.

The eWebTEL system enables graphical representation of data transmitted from the gas network and generates reports on e.g. gas consumption in a month for individual points, occurrence of alarm events, history of gas consumption, diagnostic parameters of measuring devices.

It enables the analysis of the correctness of the selection of measuring devices.

eWebTEL data acquisition system.

The eWebTEL data acquisition system is adaptable to the Internet and private network.

It is based on the most well-known web browsers and is adaptable to mobile applications.

It enables personalization of configuration parameters such as user password, email address for alarm notifications, management of multiple companies from a single account, management of groups of devices assigned to a company, user management.

It has the ability to export data to CSV, TXT, Excel files. It supports encrypted TCP protocol.

Allows geolocation and grouping of devices by various criteria such as area, zone, etc.

  • Optimize the cost of handling gas meter readings.
  • Create and edit gas meter data sets.
  • Easy data analysis based on graphs.
  • E-mail notifications about alarm events.
  • Possibility to install the platform on your own server.
  • Evaluation of the correctness of the selection of measuring devices.
  • Possibility of remote configuration of devices.

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