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Electronic gas flow recorder MacREJ 5 R


Electronic gas flow recorder MacREJ 5 R

MacREJ 5 R is a device registering gas volume from two independent gas meters using low frequency LF signals.

The recorder can be equipped with up to four contact inputs – monitoring operation of pressure reducers.

The device can work in zone “0” of explosion hazard.

Remote or wired data transmission

The device was developed in response to the need for wired data transmission.

Data transmission from the recorder is possible using twoindependent transmission ports RS485 with the use of GAZMODEM or Modbus RTU protocols.

The recorder has a display that allows comfortable work in negative temperatures.

  • Easy installation and configurability via a phone with NFC interface.
  • Analysis of the recorded measurement data thanks to widgets showing trends in the form of bargraphs.
  • Data transmission via cable or remote connection thanks to built-in Cat.1 modem
  • Backlit graphic display, 4″ dedicated to work in temperatures down to -30 °Celsius
  • Operation on battery power supply up to 15 years. Possibility of connecting mains power supply.
  • Four independent serial transmission ports.
  • 6 intrinsically safe configurable binary inputs
  • 2 configurable NAMUR inputs even with battery power supply.
  • Binary and frequency outputs in intrinsically safe execution
  • Volume registration from two independent gas meters. Two independent transmission ports.

Housing material


Dimensions / Weight

207x194x77 mm / 1,3 kg

Relative humidity

Maximum 95% at temp. of 70°C

Ambient temperature range

from -25°C to 70°C

Housing protection class

IP66 for outdoor installations


6 pushbuttons


Graphical, 4”, backlight, operation at full working temperatures range

Ex marking

II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga
Certificate: FTZU 17 ATEX 0047X

Internal power supply

One standard lithium battery size D 3,6V/17Ah. Operation time: 5 years

Modem power supply

Two lithium batteries size D 3,6V/17Ah Operation time: 5 years with two transmissions per day (for two batteries)

External power supply

Communication interface INT-S3 – switchable RS485 port, intrinsically safe power supply, two digital OC inputs/outputs. Interface supply voltage 11-30V DC

Transmission protocols

MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP (available in version with integrated modem), GAZMODEM1,2,3, other protocols per request

Transmission ports

• Two independent serial transmission protocols, speed up to 256000 b/s, RS485 standard; COM1, COM2
• Optical interface IEC 62056-21
• NFC IEC 14443 interface
• Integrated 4G Cat.1 /3G/2G module (optional)

Resistance to mechanical and electromagnetic conditions



• 5 intrinsically safe programmable digital inputs:
• 2 reed LF inputs /bistate
• 3 reed bistate inputs

Control outputs

• Four intrinsically safe oputputs OC type:
• One configurable as bistate or frequency (0-5000Hz)
• Three bistate outputs


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